On Sunday, October 19th, 2008, the family of Archpriest Nikolai Stremsky visited the St. Alexander Nevsky parish and beautified the Divine Liturgy with angelic singing.  Following the Divine Liturgy the group of children performed at the church hall in conjunction with the parish’s celebration of the annual Cossack’s Day.  

Fr. Nikolai Stremsky is known for having the largest family in Russia; specifically in the town of Saraktash where he is the rector at the Holy Trinity Cloister of Mercy.  Father Nikolai and his wife, Matushka Galina, are raising approximately 70 adopted children which they took into there loving arms from many orphanages throughout Russia.  “Father Nikola[i] and Matushka Galina firmly believe that their primary duty is to raise each child as a committed Orthodox Christian who will always strive to fulfill God's will whether in the Church or in the world.”  For more information regarding Fr. Nikolai Stremsky and the children please click here.